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ICA Publications

ICA Publications

Within less than 20 years, Iranian Corrosion Association has succeeded to publish more than 40 books in the field of corrosion and protection, including the proceedings of national and international congresses held by ICA.

Among this valuable set of books, the series entitled “Control of Corrosion in industries” was awarded as the “superior book of Islamic Republic of Iran” in 2000 in the section of engineering books.

Besides books, ICA managed to publish a quarterly magazine called “Zang”, after the successful publication of its newsletter, with the aim of publication of most recent results of related researches and evaluations, promotion of public knowledge of corrosion and protection and eventually familiarization of different industrial groups with the destructive phenomenon of corrosion.

The publication of Zang, which is the Persian equivalent for the English Rust, tried to follow different approaches, mainly:

  • Scientific approach
  • Informative approach
  • Promotional approach
  • Communicative approach

Zang executives are all engaged with the improvement of the magazine's scientific contents through publication of research and applied articles and implementation of new sections.

The new activity of ICA publication section is the preparation of a science-research journal under the title of “Journal of Corrosion Sciences and Engineering” which is the only journal of this kind in Iran.

Published under the official consent of ministry of science, research and technology, Journal of Corrosion Sciences and Engineering will hopefully cover the state-of-the-art research papers produced on the border of science and technology of corrosion and prevention.