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Training and Education

Training and Education

As the power of innovations and thinking is nowadays regarded as one of the most invaluable, efficient instruments for the improvement of an institute, brilliant managers do not hesitate to enhance this capability among their personnel through effective educations.

Knowing this, Iranian Corrosion Association (ICA) commenced the organization of short courses since very early in its life span. After a period of hard work on identification and tracing the necessities of different industries engaged with the problem of corrosion, ICA began its comprehensively applied short courses with the employment of most skilled and experts in the variety of corrosion subdivisions. ICA not only could earn noticeable achievements in the organization of in-door courses, but also decided to provide askers with out-door courses held in the heart of industrial facilities and equipment.

Main sections of ICA courses include:

  • Control of corrosion through proper pre-treatment of corrosive media
  • Coatings and painting
  • Cathodic and anodic protection
  • Material selection for the elimination of corrosion
  • Corrosion in different industries

Total number of courses as well as total number of students participated in ICA courses may be expressed as ... and ..., respectively.