Founded in January 1993, Iranian Corrosion Association (ICA) was established with the sincere cooperation of university professors and the skilled in the field of corrosion science and technology. The aim of this scientific community creation was to update the public knowledge of corrosion and prevention of that, to make beneficial efforts for the preservation of industrial and urban facilities and structures from corrosion, to eliminate the wastage of billions of dollars of national income on the consequences of corrosion and also to try to put an end to the financial and sacrificial aspects of this destructive phenomenon. Since the foundation, ICA has planned to improve the culture of combating and prevention of corrosion through:

  • Provision of scientific and executive services
  • Planning and execution of national and international conferences
  • Execution of technical, professional tutorial courses
  • Publication of books and journals related to the field of corrosion and prevention
  • Cooperation with the related organizations in order to rank the companies engaged in the field of corrosion protection services
  • Notification about related conferences and seminars
  • Planning to visit related companies and factories
  • Execution of one-day seminars and short communications about new methods of corrosion protection and innovations
  • Execution of competition for “Corrosion Photos”
  • Awarding top graduates in the field of corrosion and protection

Dynamic and extensive cooperation with other scientific organizations and communities has helped ICA keep itself updated, in touch with the world of interior and exterior sources of corrosion information and provide its members with professional services. Number of total members has increased from 760 in 2002 to more than 3300 in 2011. ICA has managed to purchase a separate office to accommodate sections of publication and education. Effective management and sincere, hardworking executive colleagues made ICA be awarded as one of the three supreme scientific associations in 2006, 2007 and 2008 and be honored as the sole scientific association, awarded in three consecutive years.

Goals and Responsibilities

  1. Establishment of scientific, technical and professional link between those engaged in different subjects in the field of corrosion science and technology
  2. Cooperation with the ministry of science, research and technology to enhance educational and research plans and to organize technical conferences
  3. Evaluation and revision of future academic and industrial research future perspectives
  4. Presentation of scientific, tutorial, technical and industrial services
  5. Keeping up to date the knowledge of experts and corrosion graduates via conferences, seminars and publications of books and journals
  6. Organization of professional and technical short courses in conjunction with international associations and awarding valid certificates
  7. Cooperation with organizations in charge of ranking the companies engaged in the field of corrosion and protection
  8. Provision of technical consultants for industries in corrosion problems
  9. Cooperation in national projects in the field of corrosion such as national corrosion statistics or maps
  10. Compilation and publication of corrosion books, journals and standards

Board of Founders

Mohammadreza Arshadi, Ph.D. Sharif University of Technology
Abdollah Afshar, Ph.D. Sharif University of Technology
Mahmoud Pakshir, Ph.D. University of Shiraz
Mojtaba Khalil-Araghi, Ph.D. Sarcheshmeh Copper Industries Company
Emad Roayaei, Ph.D. Research Institute of Petroleum Industries
Rahim Zamanian, Eng. Ministry of Petroleum
Ahmad Saatchi, Ph.D. Isfahan University of Technology
Mohammad Seyyed-Razi, Ph.D. Tavaaneer Co.
Mohsen Saremi, Ph.D. University of Tehran
Mansour Farzam, Ph.D. Ahwaz University of Petroleum Industries
Mohammad Ghorbani, Ph.D. Sharif University of Technology
Mahmoud Kassiriha, Eng. AmirKabir University of Technology
Nasser Givehchi, Ph.D. Ministry of Petroleum

Current Board of Directors

Ebrahim Heshmat Dehkordi, Ph.D. President
Dariush Masouri, Eng. Vice-president
Ahmad Reza Bahrani, Eng. Treasury Manager
Alireza Hatami Monfared, Eng. Member
Fereshteh Rezayi, Ph.D. Member
Muhammad Najmi, Eng. Member
Esmaeil Akbari Nejad, Ph.D. Member
Seyyed Mahmoud Kasiriha, Eng. Member
Mohammad Hadi Jamei, Eng. Member
Hadi Adelkhani, Ph.D. Member
Kazem Kouzeh Kanani, Eng. Member